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Future Nurse Bundle® - Ultimate


The Ultimate program Includes (In addition to what the Future Nurse Basic Bundle gives you):

1NCLEX Study Bundle:

Study with confidence for the NCLEX Exams with the Printable Version.

Print and carry this with in a binder or folder so you are never far from your study materials.

2Flashcards Pack:

A proven way to study and pass your exams.

3Nursing School Planner:

Plan your days so you exactly where your focus should be on any given day

4Free lifetime updates :

Never be in the dark again with up to date information always at your fingertips.

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Join the Next Gen NCLEX Study Bundle® family, ask your questions to get help from our practicing nurse educators. Our team of nurses provides guidance and support to give you all the tools and skills you need to confidently take the NCLEX exam. You'll improve your critical thinking skills and learn practical skills needed to pass the next generation NCLEX exam.

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